E46 Coding Options List

The coding options vary - based on the ca. FDL Coding Demonstration using my EST Software Token, done on my BMW F30. BMW replacement bulb guide This automotive replacement bulb guide is used for general information only, we are not responsible for any mistake that might be listed on this bulb guide.

Comments: Have a BMW E46 320i Sedan 6 cylinder, 170 hp from 2002. We are getting fault codes indicating various sensor problems eg. Dec DME 90, 91, 93, 52, 119, 243, 135, 115. The problem comes and goes normally the EML lamp goes on and car go into limp mode. The E46 is the successor to the E36 and is the next evolution in the 3 series development. The E46/4 Sedan was introduced as a 1999 model as both the 323i and 328i. The E46 3 series vehicle offers more comfort, safety, space and equipment than the previ-ous E36, without compromising the sporty characteristics of the 3 series vehicle. As the module is also used on E46 i downloaded and installed the E46 SP-Daten but again, nothing in the WINKFP List for the LSZ. I have imported using BCT coding tool and also manually but it makes no difference. Surely i should have some option in the list of module in WINKFP for the LSZ?

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2002 bmw e46 coding list.pdf

BMW E46 Coding list

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BMW3 E46 2002

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06/28/2011 NikolaiD 2002 E46 M3C Index of Modules. This list is of the options on my car. You may have more or less options depending on the model and coding index of each module. Check the last section for other possible options. This list is a work in progress, it will be expanded and completed as time permits. Please check back with me for updates. Module Page ABG Airbag module 2 AKMB Instrument cluster 4 ALSZ Light switch module 7 BTM Rearview module 12 DSC Dynamic Stability Control 13 CVM Convertible top module 14 EWS Immobilizer 16 FTM Rearview module 17 GM5 General Module 18 GT Navigation computer 20 IHK Heater/AC 21 LWS Light module 23 RAD Radio 24 RLS Rain/light sensor 25 SM Seat Memory 26 UEB Rollover Protection 27 Miscellaneous options 28 Page 1 06/28/2011 NikolaiD 2002 E46 M3C ABG Airbag control module 2002 E46 Vert Option Meaning Settings AIRBAG BEIFAHRER 1 Passenger airbag. aktiv / nicht aktiv AIRBAG BEIFAHRER 2 Passenger airbag. aktiv / nicht aktiv AIRBAG FAHRER 1 Driver airbag. aktiv / nicht aktiv AIRBAG FAHRER 2 Driver airbag. aktiv / nicht aktiv AUSLOESEKRITERIUM 1 Deployment criteria. us / ece AUSLOESEKRITERIUM 2 Deployment criteria. us / ece B SATELLIT 1 aktiv / nicht aktiv B SATELLIT 2 aktiv / nicht aktiv BAUREIHE Chasis. e46 / e53 / l30 BEIFAHRERBAG STUFE2 1 Stage 2 passenger airbag. aktiv / nicht aktiv BEIFAHRERBAG STUFE2 2 Stage 2 passenger airbag. aktiv / nicht aktiv BPLUS TRENNUNG1 1 Battery safety positive terminal aktiv / nicht aktiv BPLUS TRENNUNG1 2 Battery safety positive terminal aktiv / nicht aktiv BPLUS TRENNUNG2 1 Battery safety positive terminal aktiv / nicht aktiv BPLUS TRENNUNG2 2 Battery safety positive terminal aktiv / nicht aktiv CODIERANFORDERUNG 0 Coding type. ohne satellit / e46 / e53 CODIERANFORDERUNG 1 Coding type. ohne satellit / e46 / e53 CRASHPARAMETER MRS4 0 Crash parameter 0 e46 / e53 CRASHPARAMETER MRS4 01 Crash pa

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E46 Coding Options List Pricing

Bmw cic coding options

Czeche46 reset vynulovani.jpgNávod na opravu vynulování ukazatele servisního intervalu. 1998-2006

Englishbmw m52tu m54 engines.pdf 1998-2000

Englishbmw e46 stereo wiring diagram.pdf330469715-BMW-e46-Stereo-Wiring-Diagram 1998-2006

E46 Coding Options List

English2002 bmw aux input installation.pdf283585095-BMW-AUX-Input-Installation 2002

E90 Coding Options

Englishe46 sport wagon introduction.pdf 2000

Germane46 klima 390de.pdfKlimaautomatik BMW 3er-Reihe (E46) Links- und Rechtslenker mit M47 Motor (ab Serienbeginn)

English2001 bmw e46 parts and accessories installation instructions.pdfRetrofit / Installation kit No. 65 71 0 021 159 / 65 71 0 026 223 Installation Instructions No. 01 29 0 023 076 Issue date: 12.2001 2001

Czeche46 pojistky ver2.pdf


Czechbmw e46 rozvody.pdf 2002

German2003 bmw 3 e46 kugelkopf abnehmbar.pdf 2003

Englishbmw e46 coding.pdfE46 coding. You will find tested parameters and also whole range of all units. Try whatever you want on your own risk :ú

English2003 bmw e46 m3 csl aftersales training.pdfmfp-brk-e46-m3-csl en 2003

Bmw e46 coding software

Englishe46 models.pdfBMW service training 2000

Englishbmw e46 m47 diesel diagnosis fuel system.pdfM47/TU FUEL SYSTEM E46 320d 2001-2006

Englishbmw 3 series e46 service manual.pdfBMW 3 Series Service Manual (E46) 1999-2005

E46 Coding Options List Yahoo

Englishe46 ic cvm convertible top.pdfBODY: Convertible Top Model: E46 Convertible Production Date: 01/00 After completing this module, you should be able to: • Describe the lowering and raising sequence of the Convertible soft top in details. • Name all the sensors and their functions that are used to open or close the soft top.......

Englishe46 dvd navigation system retrofit with on board monitor.pdfDVD Navigation System Retrofit with On-Board Monitor BMW 3 Series Coupé (E 46/2) BMW 3 Series Saloon (E 46/4) These installation instructions are only valid for cars with SA 534 (automatic air conditioning) and SA 550 (on-board computer). Part No. 01 29 0 309 179 2004

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E46 Coding Options List

English2002 bmw e46 xenon retrofit.pdfe46 Xenon retrofit 2002

Englishe46 zke5 central body electronics.pdf

Englishbmw e46 differentials manual.pdf46887016-BMW-Differentials 1998-2006