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If you're a fan of Blizzard Entertainment’s classic creations such as StarCraft, World of Warcraft, and Warcraft III then you’ll surely don’t wanna miss the release of all-new, built-from-scratch remastered Warcraft III: Reforged this 2019.

Get ready to unbottle all your excitement while reliving your ultimate childhood dream. Gather up all your courage as you’re about to recruit and lead the strongest and most powerful heroes in Azeroth to claim your victory against your foes. But while you’re waiting for the game’s release, here’s everything you need to know about the greatest reforged of the decade.


A better version

This 2019 version is not merely the perfect recreation of the classic game but it is actually better.

DotA 1 Free Download PC Game May 2019 DOTA 1 which is fully known as Defense of the Ancients is a best online multiplayer game for PC. Dota 1 is free to download with a supported full version. Map Dota Allstars v6.90a8 full changelogs and download (December/23/2019) 90a8. Fixed on-attack events malfunction; Huskar’s 25 Talent changed from Burning Spears Pure Damage to Divine damage (magic immune penetrating) (still unable to target spell immune).

Maybe you’re having doubts with Blizzard’s decision to release Reforged instead of a brand new Warcraft IV. Well, obviously the game was made to look and feel like the original 2002 version but just to clear your expectations.This revamped version is an overall graphical update of the classic game which made the series propelled into the mainstream and laid the foundation of today’s latest versions of MOBA video games. It will include modified maps for you to explore, as well as beautifully redone VO and cutscenes

Reforged into a legend

The game will definitely give you a nostalgic feeling if you’ve already played it before. On the other hand, if you’re going to try it for the first time (which is very uncommon), you’ll feel its authenticity and originality among the other famous MOBA video games. The game’s objective is simple: you’ll just have to conquer and destroy your enemies’ base. In order to do that smoothly, you must lead your gathered army with the most powerful heroes you can choose from the four factions: the noble humans, the savage orcs, the mysterious night elves, and the insidious undead. The biggest change this version has to offer will be the all-new graphics and animation with 4K support. The game is compatible with the modern devices and totally supports hotkeys which let you jump effortlessly between groups and buildings.

The UI will also get a complete remodeling. The mini-map, unit info, and item pane will no longer take up a large segment of your bottom screen. Also, you will have a nice model of the units and structures on the left-hand side. Character models are also updated with their new voiced dialogues, which are perfectly synced with their mouth movements. The characters’ faces also deliver strong and powerful emotions which are beautifully shown by the perfectly captured facial expressions. This leads to better cutscenes played out in between missions. In addition to these, you will never get bored of this game as you can try different map and mod editors so you can create a custom game modes. You can access maps created by the other online players and release your own tweaked version/s others can try out too.

Modernized classic game

If you’d like to play again (or for the first time) the classic version of the game, you will have to wait for the release of the 2019 version since its purchase will include the Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne expansions of the 2002 version. This will be your only option since Blizzard pulls out the classic version of the game from On the good side, your purchase of the 2019 version will enable you to battle through the multiplayer mode with other online players who still uses the original version of the game over There is also an available option to toggle off all the new features of the game so you will be able to play the classic version while Blizzard also confirmed that even the mods and maps in the old version will work on the updated game without an issue.

Where can you run this program?

The game will be released on or before December 31, 2019, for Windows and Mac. You may choose to pre-purchase the game on Blizzard’s official website. You can get its Standard Edition but it is recommended to avail Spoilers of War Edition.

Is there a better alternative?

If you’re already hooked with the Warcraft universe, you may try playing World of Warcraft. It is one of the biggest and most popular MMORPGs which has over 10 million registered players. The game takes place in the world of Azeroth which is similar to the other franchise of the game series. Your character in the game needs to gain various talents and skills, requiring you to choose two primary professions defining the abilities you have chosen for your character. Guilds are also important for your character since it allows access to other game features such as guild tabard, guild bank, guild repairs, and dues. Your character’s progression in the game is defined by the quests you’ve completed since it allows you to gain new skills and abilities. Quests commonly involve killing a certain number of creatures, gather resources, finding a hidden object, visiting special locations, and delivery of items. You may also check out Blizzard’s other popular games such as StarCraft series, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm.

Our take

The remastering of the classic Warcraft game is simply brilliant. It is the ultimate update of the decade you never knew you needed. The game is the best realization of every player’s childhood dream. It seems impossible 17 years ago, but here it is, the beautiful combination of the current knowledge and love for the Warcraft universe. Some classic games are best when left untouched, but Blizzard just proved the whole gaming community that sometimes classics are worth all the effort for restoration too.

Should you download it?

Without a doubt. Reforged is the best way to play Warcraft III, which is one of the best MOBA video games out there. Download it if you’re a fan or even a first-time player. Even if purchasing the game may cost you a lot, you’ll feel like you’ve lost nothing since the nostalgic feeling the game has to offer and the modernize experience that comes with it are priceless.


Overview of DOTA-v1.5

DOTA-v1.5 contains 0.4 million annotated object instances within 16 categories, which is an updated version of DOTA-v1.0. Both of them use the same aerial images but DOTA-v1.5 has revised and updated the annotation of objects, where many small object instances about or below 10 pixels that were missed in DOTA-v1.0 have been additionally annotated. The categories of DOTA-v1.5 is also extended. Concretely, the category of container crane is added.

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Image Source and Usage License

In consistent with DOTA-v.1.0, the images in DOTA-v1.5 are mainly collected from the Google Earth, satellite JL-1, and satellite GF-2 of the China Centre for Resources Satellite Data and Application. Use of the images from Google Earth must respect the corresponding terms of use: 'Google Earth' terms of use. All images and their associated annotations in DOTA-v1.5 can be used for academic purposes only, but any commercial use is prohibited.

Object Category

The object categories in DOTA-v1.5 include: plane, ship, storage tank, baseball diamond, tennis court, basketball court, ground track field, harbor, bridge, small vehicle, large vehicle, helicopter, roundabout, soccer ball field, swimming pool and container crane.

Annotation format

In the dataset, each instance's location is annotated by a quadrilateral bounding boxes, which can be denoted as 'x 1, y 1, x 2, y 2, x 3, y 3, x 4, y 4' where (x i, y i) denotes the positions of the oriented bounding boxes' vertices in the image. The vertices are arranged in a clockwise order. The following is the Visualization of adopted annotation method. The yellow point represents the starting point. which refers to: (a) top left corner of a plane, (b) top left corner of a large vehicle diamond, (c) the center of sector-shaped baseball.


Except the annotation of location, category label is assigned for each instance, which comes from one of the above 15 selected categories, and meanwhile a difficult label is provided which indicates whether the instance is difficult to be detected(1 for difficult, 0 for not difficult). Annotations for an image are saved in a text file with the same file name. At the first line, 'imagesource'(from GoogleEarth, GF-2 or JL-1) is given. At the second line, ’gsd’(ground sample distance, the physical size of one image pixel, in meters) is given. Note if the 'gsd' is missing, it is annotated to be 'null'. From third line to last line in annotation text file, annotation for each instance is given. The annotation format is:

x 1, y 1, x 2, y 2, x 3, y 3, x 4, y 4, category, difficult
x 1, y 1, x 2, y 2, x 3, y 3, x 4, y 4, category, difficult

Development kit

Dota 1 Game Download Free

We have provided development kit that includes some useful functions such as visualizing data, calculating mAP, splitting and merging data.

How To Download Dota 1


Download Rgc Dota 1 2019

You can download DOTA-v1.5 from either Baidu Drive or Google Drive, according to your network connections. Make sure you download the labelTxt of version 1.5.

  • DOTA-v1.5 on Baidu Drive: Training set, Validation set, Testing images
  • DOTA-v1.5 on Google Drive: Training set, Validation set, Testing images