Difference Between Actual Parameter And Formal Parameter

Argument: An argument is an expression which is passed to a function by its caller (or macro by its invoker) in order for the function(or macro) to perform its task. It is an expression in the comma-separated list bound by the parentheses in a function call expression.

The best that can be done is to look how each term is used in C# language specification ( 'Parameters'): Parameters are used to pass values or variable references to methods. The parameters of a method get their actual values from the arguments that are specified when the method is invoked. Before going to the difference between actual and formal arguments in C, first understand the two terms - argument and parameter. Dennis M Ritchie in his classic book on C language mentioned, 'We will generally use parameter for a variable named in the parenthesized list in a function definition, and argument for the value used in a call of the function. Parameter dapat berupa parameter aktual atau Parameter Formal. Perbedaan utama antara Parameter Aktual dan Parameter Formal adalah bahwa Parameter Aktual adalah nilai yang diteruskan ke fungsi ketika dipanggil sementara Parameter Formal adalah variabel yang ditentukan oleh fungsi yang menerima nilai saat fungsi dipanggil.


C# Formal Parameter

Actual arguments:

The arguments that are passed in a function call are called actual arguments. These arguments are defined in the calling function.

Formal arguments:

The formal arguments are the parameters/arguments in a function declaration. The scope of formal arguments is local to the function definition in which they are used. Formal arguments belong to the called function. Formal arguments are a copy of the actual arguments. A change in formal arguments would not be reflected in the actual arguments.

What Is A Parameter Value



Difference Between Actual Parameter And Formal Parameters With Suitable Example

Here 3,2*a,a are actual arguments and i,j,k are formal arguments.

Difference Between Actual Parameter And Formal Parameter In Java With Example

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