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The Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) is a non-profit organization 501(c)(6) that advances the cause of professional astrology by helping students and practicing astrologers receive the information, insights, and experiences they need to foster their understanding of astrology, launch a professional practice, or enhance their development.

We focus on making astrology accessible, credible, and sustainable. We celebrate astrology's diversity, making excellent quality content available to members, elevating standards of practice, and providing guidance for professional astrologers to sustain themselves financially.

Vedic Astrologer from South India, Chennai. Love to understand life and the events in life, happiness and sorrow, success and failure from the point of view of Karma and Astrology. I am committed to the highest degree of excellence in my daily market timing reports and advisory which is a result of tens of thousands of hours in research and development in the field of financial astrology, and professional astrology services including a specialized astrology reading and consultations for clients since 1994. Dhilips Institute Of Professional Astrology #55, 4th Main Road, East C.I.T Nagar Nandanam, Chennai- 600 035, India Phone No: + 0764 / 2435 0336 / 2435 0336.

Our programs cater to all levels of expertise and all astrological philosophies. We support the rich tapestry of the astrological community, advocating inclusion of all races, ethnicities, abilities, religions, political affiliations and/or sexual/gender orientation. We uphold ethical practice, high standards, and continual growth of the profession.

We are a family, we are friends, we live in different nations, and together we make astrology a strong, valued profession.

Join a Vibrant and Global Community, Make Astrology Stronger

OPA Operates in multiple countries and languages, sharing the values of community and professional standards globally. You can find articles in different languages on this website and connect with local OPA communities on Facebook.

OPA evolved from its origins as PROSIG, the NCGR special interest group for professional astrologers. On October 4, 2000 (Mid-day in Tallahassee, FL.) OPA was incorporated as an independent organization. This is the chart of the day.

We welcome you to the OPA tribe!

Great Reasons to Choose Phillips

Nationally Recognised Training: Our courses are nationally recognised, which means you receive the accredited training and current skills for the workplace that employers expect.

Tuition-Free Funded or Fee-For-Service Training: We offer government funded training to eligible applicants and we even offer easy payment plans whether you’re funded or paying full fee. Our funded training is Tuition Fee Free to eligible funded applicants. We’ve always kept our fees as low as possible so you can afford to get the training you need. This funded training is provided with subsidies from the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments to eligible individuals.

Face-to-Face* or Flexible Delivery: Class-based, facilitator-led training, with day, evening and weekend classes for Certificate III and Certificate IV programs. We also offer blended flexible learning, with online or print-based options for Certificate IV and Diploma programs. *Please note: we are conducting most face-to-face classes as distance learning with online resources and Zoom meetings during the period of restrictions.

Placement assistance: If your course requires a placement, we will assist to source and organise one for you as close to your home as possible. This is a service we’ve been offering to our students for over 20 years.

Great Trainers, Great Skills: Dedicated, professional educators with current industry knowledge and skills, and extensive training experience, ready to assist you to take the next step. And because we consult regularly with employer organisations, the training we deliver is what industry expects.

Dhilips Institute Of Professional Astrology

No Waiting Lists: Monthly intakes or term intakes with classes held in multiple locations – and of course, you can start anytime with distance or online.

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Training Locations: We deliver most class-based courses at our head office and training centre located in Carnegie, all around Melbourne and in selected regional areas: Ballarat, Carnegie, Cranbourne, Clyde North, Dandenong, Echuca, Epping, Frankston, Geelong, Melton, Narre Warren, Pakenham,Werribee and more!*

Online Application: Enquire or Apply for enrolment with our easy online process. Click here to see the next intakes for your course.

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