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Download Crush Crush. Fun game with anime characters who are trying to find their crush while flirting.

  1. A free download could 'activate' content that is already in the game files and still allow you to purchase a Nudey version of each girl. The game would have to be able to recognise the fact you purchased this if you reinstalled, even if you hadn't downloaded/activated the content patch again.
  2. Download Crush Crush APK latest version 0.330 by Sad Panda Studios Ltd for android devices. Crush Crush Mobile - ApkPr.Com. Crush Crush is a free-to-play game.
  3. Get the NSFW DLC for Crush Crush here! This DLC installs a new mode in your Crush Crush game that allows you to play an uncensored hentai (adult) version of the game. New artwork is included, with beautiful high-resolution illustrations and sexy scenes.
  4. Crush Crush is a fun and flirty free-to-play “idle” dating game where you meet, flirt and fall in love with a cast of sweet, seductive, and sometimes scary girlfriends. Featuring 14 beautiful girls, with more updates on the way!
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Crush crush dlc download free version

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Crush Crush Dlc Download Free Version

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V.0.166 NSFW dlc is out!
Here’s how you get it! FAQ
[Are you guys going to keep updating Crush Crush? You’ve talked about other features in the past…]
We are. We’ve had our hands full the last half year, but we’ve got some cool stuff we still want to add. At some point, we’re going to work on a VN and spin-offs, because we’ve stretched the Crush Crush experience to its limit, but we definitely have a backlog of features we’d like to see added before we consider Crush Crush complete.
Okay, I think that covers everything. If you have questions (or if you want to bitch out OjiPanda, because he’s a filthy sellout) then please post below.
Love you guys, more soon.
New Features

  • If you haven't noticed the new icon in the top right, we've added in a notifications area where you can read information about the latest news from Sad Panda Studios! This includes patch notes, announcements on new events, and is a place where we can let you know about things we are working on. It's pretty basic for now, but we're going to evolve it to include other content (such as images, etc) in the future!
  • Your memory album should now persist across prestige. This means you can still check out all of the images you earned from your previous games.
  • Automatic cloud save to help with recovering lost save files (due to a reformat, etc).
  • Reduced the size of the installed game by about 16MB (almost 10%).
  • A little sound byte plays when the game first starts, which was a request from Artist Panda.
  • A checkbox now appears on completed hobbies (hobbies that have hit level 75). We also moved the play/pause/checkbox icon a little bit to show up in the middle of the progress bar.
  • The progress text on hobbies now disappears when the hobby hits maximum level.
  • The new website is now live, and includes integration for the Humble Widget for purchasing the NSFW DLC. We just did some test purchases, and it works well so far.

Bug Fixes

  • Masked UI elements that should be off-screen at non-standard resolutions.
  • Fixed sorting for some popups so that they appear over particles.
  • Better error handling when loading the game (as well as pushing exceptions to us so that we can help debug the issues that some people are seeing).

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