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Coolsims hair non-default esp: Emma - BMage: Lola - Hot female savegame: Nordic maiden warrior: Romanoff Showrace Menu Preset: Permissions and credits. Hair by cool-sims. Sims 4 / Hair / New Mesh. 3,672 views Go to Download. I'm the author of this cc I want to delete my creations in Simsday.

It’s always a good idea to switch up your hairstyle. A new one can make you feel like a brand new person!

It does take effort to get your hair professionally done… but luckily you can change your Sim’s hair at the click of your mouse.

And if you wanna go crazy, what’s crazier than those awesome shaved side-of-the-head hairdos?

It’s just awesome, and you’ll turn heads wherever you go (er, your Sims go). Sll you have to do is to browse, choose, and download. Easy, right?

15. Shaved Bob by Birksche


Let’s start off with this cool and easy bob with an undercut by Birksche.

The undercut for this hairstyle is noticeable, but not so prominent. This is a great option if you’re not so sure about shaved hairstyles, but you’re interested to try out a little something.

And this would be a great style to pair with a casual get-up. You know, like a tank top and shorts.

You’ll fit right in Oasis Springs!

Cool Sims Sims 4 Hair

14. Julios Hair by Pastelarc

This wavy bob CC by Pastelarc is an awesome choice if you want to show off your undercut a little bit more.

With almost half of the hair shaved off, your Sim will surely make a statement with this hairstyle. Anytime and anywhere!

This would be great to bring out in the hottest get together spots in San Myshuno, mostly since it captures that trendy and modern spirit of the City Living world.

13. Sara Hair by Habsims

I’ve gotta say, this one’s great.

The CC by Habsims sports a long, wavy hair style with an undercut.

This ‘do proves that even if your Sim’s style is super feminine, a shaved side hair-do is still a good option!

This will look very cute with a short floral sundress and some nice sandals if you’re planning a stroll through Windenburg.

But wherever you are, you’ll definitely steal the show!

12. Lorne Hair by Plumbobfae

And now for an undercut version of a bun!

Adorable, I know.

This cute hairdo CC by Plumbob Fae has so many things going on: it has a bun, an undercut on both sides, and bangs!

While this CC is hat-compatible, I urge you not to use one.

I mean really, you’ll be covering up the best this hair can offer.

Wear this CC loud and proud. Your Sim can make today their day.

11. Roxanne Hair by BLZ

BLZ’s Roxanne Hair is a wispy long fringe bob that’ll have you ready for any club party.

For your Sim’s clubs get-togethers, wear this hair with a sleek black dress. You will definitely outshine everyone else in the group.

It’s edgy and chic all at the same time!

10. Aurora Hair by Crazy Cupcake

This Aurora hairstyle by Crazy Cupcake sports an updo with bangs.

Unique, yet catchy.

This is one of those hairstyles that only the boldest and brightest celebrities choose to wear.

So get famous with this awesome showstopping hairstyle.

Maybe vlog and update your Sim’s social media about it, and let your fans go ga-ga about your new ‘do.

9. Siren Hair Recolor by Elena Olivia

This sweet siren hair recolor has lovely pastels along with your normal colors, so you know it’s a fun pack to have.

I really love how wavy the hair is on one side.

Plus how the undercut matches whatever hair color you choose, it all blends so well!

On top of it all, you can choose the undercut to be another color. Mix and match never looked so sleek.

8. Enke by TeKri

I’m officially obsessed with undercut styles with ponytails.

They’re such a unique look.

And they give a confident but still feminine vibe. Perfect for any younger Sim lady.

I’m starting to want an undercut for myself, because this TeKri CC makes it look awesome!

7. Universe Hair by LeahLillith

Undercut? Check.

Cool Sims Hair

Wavy hair? Check.

Ombre hair that’s gorgeous? Check and check!

This Universe Hair CC pack by Leah Lillith is a beautiful choice for your Sim who just loves ombre hair styles.

This hairdo is so stylish that you can match it with a floor-length gown and sparkling accessories for your formal parties. Or keep it a bit looser for your local neighborhood rager.

6. Ruby Hair by Feralpoodles

If your Sim is a rocker chick with a liking for big hairstyles, then this Ruby Hair by Feral Poodles is sure to fit the bill.

This hairdo is compatible with EA colors, plus it has an additional palette by the designer.

So you’re sure to find a color that suits your Sim’s personality, given enough time in Create-A-Sim.

It’s also hat and accessories compatible, so go nuts!

5. Puk Hair Saccharine Palette Recolor by Citrontart

Citronart’s recolor of Enriques4’s Puk Hair makes the wavy pixie cut base so much more glamorous.

All 16 swatches look so elegant that I don’t know what to choose.

This CC is great to pair with anything, honestly, since it’s so pretty.

You can wear a casual, solid-colored maxi dress for a quick run to Hogan’s Diner, or a leather jacket and black pants for your more badass outings.

4. S4 Unicorn Hair by Margeh-74

Who just got excited for this unicorn hair design by Margeh? I definitely did!

The burst of pastel colors catches the eyes, and it includes all the hair colors I have ever wanted. Actually, probably more than I’d ever imagined!

This hair is definitely for your bold, colorful, artistic Sim.

The look would be impossible to achieve in real life, so you should really download this CC.

Because I have a feeling the only place you can find such a design is inside The Sims 4.

3. Shaved Dread Updo by Drteekaycee

Dreadlocks, undercut, updo in nine colors—what more can you ask for?

Let loose your cool girl attitude with Drteekaycee’s shaved dread updo.

Wear bold makeup and some stunning jewelry with this stylish hair to grab attention.

When your Sim walks into any room, everyone will know who the boss is. No introductions needed.

2. Jade Hair by CandySims4

CandySims4’s Jade Hair is an Ariana Grande hairstyle lookalike with an undercut twist.

And it’s gorgeous.

This ‘do can help your Sim achieve a sexy and sultry look, ala Ariana.

Just wear some kind of cute mini skirt and a matching revealing top, and you’re set to belt out her hits in any lounge!

1. Lotus Hair by Simandy

Now prepare yourself for the undercut to beat all undercuts!

This hairstyle CC by Simandy features a captivating lotus art in the undercut shave, plus a long and thick ponytail at the back.

With this hairstyle, your Sim will be the coolest chick around, hands down.

The lotus reminds me of some of the Spa Day stuff, too. Especially that cool light-up lotus mat and other meditation items.

So if you love that extension pack, you’re gonna want to get this hair to match.

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Hello :)
I always loved this hair, but I wanted an EA highlights version. I don't know if somebody made one, 'cause I never really searched for it, but I decided to make my own.
I kinda previewed this hair on my Tumblr a few days ago, but I lost the .package file. But now I found it :D
Anyways, in the pictures the roots look odd (and kinda dark), but that's because I made them a darker color than the overall one, so you can see that I actually made roots. Kinda pointless doing this, because I already made a picture with the channels pointed though.

SimsCool sims sims 4 hair

Anto Sims Hair

- Females only.
- Available Teen to Elders.
- Since it's a 'hat hair', it can be found in the Hair with Accessories category in CAS.
Sims- That accessory or whatever it is has 1 recoloarble channel.
- Polycount is high. About 18 000 polys or so.

Sims 4 Natural Curly Hair

- Package format only.
- I have no idea if this hair supported morphs, but I think the hair moved when the breast slider was dragged randomly.
- EA highlights only, don't ask for Adjust Shine, just get Anto's version.
- Mesh by CoolSims.
- This retexture won't replace the original hair by Anto, so you can have both of them at the same time :)

Models Credit:
~ Clothing by Anubis360/ SashaJ/ Elexis/ Juliana/ Me/ Various EPs and The Store
~ Cosmetics by S-Club Privee / Me / Elexis / Missbonbon / Ephemera / Lemonleaf
~ Accessories by S-Club Privee / Elexis

Coolsims Hair

~ Poses by Me (unreleased) / Elexis / HarukoMitsu