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Legion combat trophy bot

Hello guys, since the bot GE3 got only 3 trophies, i made this bot that gets you all the 5 trophies all the time (unless you die in the battle or it gets stuck in a room).This bot doesn't kill the cap'n, instead waits till you get 1000 points. (Depends on your class (the current delay is for shaman, but i think you can change it by yourself if you know how to use cetera)). Combat Spiderbot The Combat Spiderbot is more of a combat buddy — although it’s still capable of the sneaking and creeping of an Infiltrator Spiderbot, though it’s not as fast. You can deploy the.

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As you may recall, “Jason!” is an iconic line from the opening scene of PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain. It’s even gained enough attention, Astro’s Playroom has a reference to it which you’ll need to find to unlock the aptly-named bronze hidden trophy. Here’s where you’ll need to go.

Which stage does it rain in?

The trophy is actually one of the first you have the opportunity to get. With the objective being to find cover when it begins raining, start by making your way through Memory Meadow’s first stage, Gusty Gateway. You’ll want to progress until you’re at the large black towers that are in the shape of memory chips.

Where to find cover

When you’re in the correct area, Astro will pull out an umbrella hat. As it starts to pour, instead of going in between the towers, look to your right where there will be a bot sleeping in the grass with an origami crane on its stomach. Behind the bot, there will be a small black awning you can retreat under. Once the umbrella is put away, the Jason! trophy should be all yours.

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In this article Dannyzation will share the method of bug combat trophy aqwTrophy to get combat trophy quickly and very fast. You can also use other methods to get a combat trophy quickly by using a bot combat trophy aqw which has been the previous post, you can use Grimoire, Le Bot 9.9 and Cetera Bot AQWorlds.

Combat Trophy Bot Aqw Cetera

How to Get Combat Trophy AQW Very Fast

  1. Open AQWоrldѕ, can be through a web browser or bot aqworlds.
  2. Then go to the Server Artix.
  3. Then go into BludrutBrawl, then play as usual (/ jоіn bludrutbrawl).
  4. Then collect the combat trophy to a lot, don't put it into inventory first.
  5. If you have collected a lot, press Options / Settings to make it easier in the next step.
  6. Next, press 'Yes'on the Item Combat Trophy (Entering items into inventory). Then immediately press 'Change Server' quickly. >>>> (Please do it fast) <<<<
  7. Then enter the server before or Re-Login. (Server Artix)
  8. If you see the appearance of the Combat Trophy item when you have just logged in, you can be sure you have successfully done bug combat trophy.
  9. But if it doesn't work, please repeat again.
Combat trophy bot grimoire


The conclusion is that before entering combat trophy items, we must quickly change the server (Re-Login) then enter the previous server. If successful, you will see a combat trophy when you log in.
That's an article about How to get a Combat Trophy Very Fast and Bug Combat Trophy AQW from Dannyzation, hopefully it can be useful for player aqworlds and enjoy the game.Combat
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