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The ACT Scope-Test2 shows that the CM15A outputs on all three phases with a level (at least on two phases) which is both slightly higher (6Vpp) and more stable than the CM11A. The microcontroller is the Cypress CY7C63723-PC USB-PS/2 Peripheral Controller. It has 10 DIO pins. The X10 CM15A The CM15A is a USB to X10 power line and RF interface that comes with the Active Home Pro software. It looks like it's meant to replace the CM11A (serial to X10 power line transceiver) and CM19A. The CM15A is X-10's latest PLC interface. It incorporates a 310MHz RF receiver, a 310MHz RF transmitter and a two-way PLC interface. It connects to a PC using USB instead of RS-232. ActiveHome Pro SW31A software not included. Conveniently connects via USB. Control X10 units from your computer and even over the internet! I've been running an X-10 home automation system for well over 20 years. The interface became erratic a few years ago. Replacing the CM15A fixed those problems. I'm a bit disappointed that the CM15A degraded over time, but pleasantly surprised that the replacement unit fixed my problems.

X10 agrees to repair or replace, at its sole discretion, a defective X10 product if returned to X10 within the warranty period and with proof of purchase. This manual is also suitable for: Activehome pro cm15a.

Control Your Home Through Your Computer

X10 Cm15a Driver

The X10 ActiveHome Pro Computer Interface Module works in conjunction with free downloadable ActiveHome software to provide remote control over your whole home directly through your computer. The X10 CM15A interface module serves as a transceiver, passing X10 signals between the PC and your X10 light control modules. You can control lights, appliances and more right from the desktop!

  • Transmits and receives X10 commands
  • Control your X10 system through a PC
  • Schedule lighting and appliances to automatically turn on/off
  • Replay usage pattern to make home look occupied when empty

The X10 CM15A ActiveHome Pro computer interface module connects to a USB port on your PC via the included USB cable, and plugs into a standard power outlet. Timer events, macros and other functions are downloaded to the interface when the ActiveHome software runs. This allows the interface to control your home on a schedule you set.

Once the X10 CM15A ActiveHome Pro computer interface module is programmed, you can unplug it from your PC and move it to any outlet in your house without losing settings. In case of a power outage, the interface is powered by backup batteries for up to 500 hours (over 20 days). The clock keeps running and your timed events are automatically preserved.

ActiveHome Software

The ActiveHome software, which can be downloaded for free from the X10 website, offers extensive control over the X10 CM15A ActiveHome Pro computer interface modules in your home. Sit at your computer and turn on/off any X10 module. A standard scheduler also allows easy programming of timed events, so you can schedule lights, appliances, and groups of modules to turn on/off automatically.

ActiveHome also provides an advanced LifeStyle Feature, enabling the software to actively learn the usage patterns of connected lights and appliances. Once enough data is collected, you can make your home look occupied while you're away by setting ActiveHome to replay your Lifestyle pattern.

Additionally, ActiveHome offers a Dawn and Dusk Feature that automatically calculates dawn and dusk times for your location each day. No matter the time of year, lights can be turned on or off automatically at dawn or dusk.


Activehome Pro X10

  • Computer Interface
  • USB Cable

NOTE: The ActiveHome software no longer requires registration. You will be asked to register each time you use the software, but you do not need to complete this registration.

Activehome Pro Download 64 Bit

About X10

X10 manufactures home automation products using X10 powerline carrier and wireless technologies. Have complete automated control of lights and appliances from anywhere in your home with X10.

Activehome pro
  • Manufacturer Part #: CM15A
  • Power Supply: 120VAC at 60Hz; (4) AAA backup batteries (sustain clock during power failure)
  • Power: 1W
  • Weight: 0.92 pounds
  • Size: 4.5(L) x 3(W) x 1.5(D) inches
  • FCC ID: B4SCM15A

»X10 CM15A ActiveHome Pro USB Two-Way Home Automation System User Manual (.pdf)

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Activehome pro x10

X10 Software Downloads

ActiveHome Pro (SW31A):
includes CM15A and CM19A drivers





Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP



  • This will install SW31A ONLYNo additional plug-ins are available at this time.
  • You will not be able to register this software - ActiveHome PRO does not need to be registered for it to be fully functional - you will be prompted to register each time you run the program. Simply select “CLOSE” when prompted and you are done.

Activehome Pro

X10 cm15a computer interface software

X10 Cm15a Controller

  • At this time, X10 does not offer support for this software – you can find answers to many of your questions here:

X10 Cm15a Computer Interface Software

  • We understand that this is a temporary fix while our team of IT professionals work to resolve the software registration process. Once we are able to bring the ActiveHome PRO servers back online we will release all additional plug-ins. We appreciate your patience in the matter and will happily let you know once the final version is available.