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  1. Saints Row 4 Censor Remover

This program is currently in BETA status, use at your own risk.


Please note: only GTA: San Andreas V1 saves are supported. V2 saves will never be supported.

That's a censor, the pixel was not come from your computer, it normally used when people (read: video maker) doesn't have a license to show the brand of some product on their videos, or they just avoiding the problems (I mean, if they now blurring the logo at there, there may be a law suit that going track down him), or something that so embarrassed to him if the people know him have that product. Blur Face makes it fast and simple to anonymize faces in your photos. It detects faces in the selected image and suggests to anonymize them using one of the three censor options provided: Blur, Pixelate (a.k.a Mosaic) and Plain black square. Want to blur something else in the picture? You can define new blur zones manually to censor anything you want.

Sims 3 censor remover modSaints row 4 censor remover


  • Choose your Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas save from your hard drive (.xsv are the only Xbox format saves supported at this time).
  • Select the type of save you are submitting.
  • If you are submitting an Xbox save you must also select the region of your save.(Choosing the wrong region may make your save unusable on your game.)
  • Select whether you want to enable or disable the censor flag in your save.(Saves normally have this enabled. Set to disabled to see the hidden content.)
  • Press the “send file” button, after a short wait you will be prompted to download your updated save.


GTA: SA Censor Remover Online is an online service that unlocks the hidden Hot Coffee scenes in the original version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for the PC, Playstation 2 and Xbox.

If you are under 18, do not use this service.

You can censor a video with video editing software like VideoStudio. Follow along with our tutorial below to learn the easiest way to censor a video. You can make a video about anything. Any business, any hobby, any subject, any story, and put it out there in the world for people to enjoy. But perhaps the story you tell has moments that might be sensitive to some viewers. Bad language maybe. VideoStudio lets you censor videos to keep tight control of your content without compromising on your ability to tell your story. Read on to find out how to censor a video.

You can censor a video with a mosaic blur or by adding a graphic overtop of the parts you wish to hide. To censor a video, or to cover a section of video - a face, a license plate, a logo, we use Motion Tracking to ensure focus is covered as it moves along the screen.

Quick Reference

Saints Row 4 Censor Remover

  1. Install VideoStudio

    To install VideoStudio video editing software on your PC, download and run the installation file above. Continue following on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

  2. Open track motion

    With your video clip selected on the timeline, click the Track Motion button on the Toolbar, or right click and select Track motion.

  3. Select video tracker

    In the Tracker type area you can select to set a tracker area ( a fixed area) or to set a Multi-point area ( dynamic area that adjusts in shape and size as the object moves). Move your target over the area you wish to track and adjust the size.

  4. Select mosaic blur to censor a part of a video

    To censor a video and disguise the section you will track, we will select to ‘Apply Mosaic’ button to enable the mosaic and then click the arrow beside the button to choose a Rectangle or Circle mosaic and adjust the size of the mosaic with the drop down. This will censor the section of your video as the object moves.

  5. Track motion

    Click the Track Motion button. The video is played as the tracking path is generated.The area of the tracked object will have a mosaic-like effect to censor this area of the video when you view the video in the Preview Window of the main program. Click OK and return to the timeline.