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Candy Crush Saga integrates with Facebook and keeps track of high scores and saves your games progress. You can also tap into Facebook to ask friends for extra lives. You can login using your fb account to get daily prizes and much more. Try sending those requests to people who already play Candy Crush otherwise you might annoy your friends. Download Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk Latest Version. The candy gathering game just got better and sweet as you have all levels unlocked in the new version. Experience more thrill as you move from one level to the next without experience limitations due to coins insufficiency. You start from a high level in the game and take it higher and higher. Download the candy crush apk mod file from the above link; Click the candy crush apk file and install it. Click on Allow from this source if asked. The application will be successfully installed. Launch the Candy crush mod apk and accept the Terms and conditions. Enjoy the fun of crushing candies.

Candy Crush Mod APK – all you need to know about the addicted Game

What is candy crush?

Candy Crush Mod APK is free to play three puzzle matches, a video game developed by King. On 12th April 2012 the king has released candy crush saga on Facebook,candy crush saga for other windows phone, versions of iOS, as well as Windows 10, followed. Candy crush saga is basically the variation of browser game candy crush by the king.

Players, who are playing the game, need to complete levels by swapping colored candy pieces appeared on the game board to eliminate or replace candies with new ones for making the match of three and more candies of the same shade. In this way, players can potentially create further candy matches.

Up to four and more candies matches create exclusive candies which work as power-ups with larger board-clearing capabilities. Additionally, in this game boards have various goals to achieve or completed in the limited time frame and a fixed number of moves.

There are hundreds of reliable website offering opportunities for candy crush saga download for free or for premium, also you can download candy crush on pc and android free of cost.

Facts and figures:

This game is considered one of the most successful and foremost uses of the freemium model, although the candy crush saga can be played entirely without spending a single penny. But if desired, players can although purchase actions to help them clear difficult boards in this way king generates its revenue.

In the year 2014, up to 93 million people played candy crush saga mod APK although the makers reported that revenue for over a three-month period was estimated at up to $494 million. Moreover, the success rate of the game gradually increased and it has been the most popular grossing mobile app or game app in a few last years. There are countless sites available online offering free candy crush saga game download to millions of users online.

Characters of candy crush saga game:

This is the puzzle-based game in which player solve the puzzle, like toffee, short Tiffi plays its part in solving problems pursuing the residents of candy kingdom. Further characters include Mr. Toffee, this character’s voice was modified from an over the top French accent within the genuine game version in a modest yet deep male voice. Such a modest male voice includes the shop owner Mr. Yeti, the Easter bunny, the villainous bubblegum troll, Odus the owl from Dreamworld levels and others.

Two leading characters in the candy crush saga game which being played by players are known as Cupcake Carl and jelly queen.

How candy crush gets commercial and when?

Candy crush saga mod APK had been downloaded more than ten million times in the year 2012, December only. In the year 2012, this game had been downloaded over a million times across Android devices, iOS, and Facebook and is considered the famous most downloaded app from the App Store. Moreover, more or less at least 6.7 million active users of candy crush saga on a daily basis were produced daily revenue of $633,000, just from the US section of the iOS app store.

With the increase in time, the figures of active users gradually increased and had taken the figure million to trillions in fewer time frames. In April 2012 the candy crush sage was first released for Facebook along with it features 65 levels only, at this time this game instantly gained popularity and achieved more than 4 million players in just a few weeks of release. Additionally, in November 2012, the game was released for Android or smartphones with more levels.

After five years of its release on mobile or Android, the candy crush mod apk had been downloaded more than 2.7 billion times. In September 2017, the revenue of candy crush saga game apps reached to $250 million, the game has gained exceptional improvement in revenue year by year from the last 2016. While the game remains among the topmost gross-revenue earned apps for android or mobile in four years including 2017.

The game candy crush has gained exceptional attention in honk kong, according to hong kong media reports every one of the seven citizens of honk kong plays the same game. King introduced a series of television commercials in the entire Japanese market in December 2013, while by December 4 the game had become the popular, 23rd on the list of most downloaded game in Japan on Android devices. This game had been the number one downloaded game app from the app store in Japan in the same and very short time.

Candy crush saga online – Online play:

Users can play candy crush saga online freely. This game is a new adventure which rapidly quenches the user’s thirst for fun with colorful, sweet and lovely candies. Can crush saga game is the greatest successful game of king, users from all around the world can play the full flash version without any registration or a Facebook account on their PC, laptops and other gadgets.

However, there are various website available that offer a candy crush saga game free download for pc but all those who do not want to download and willing to play the game online have the best option. Candy crushapk is a beautifully adorned game with thousands of vibrant color candies, hundreds of levels as well as different modes. Not only this but score to reach, clear all the jelly, a limited number of moves and ingredients to push through the screen’s bottom are also the features of candy crush saga game.

According to critics the basics of this game’s success lies in the sweet realm, added characters and levels, and its beautiful graphics, although the realm is the highlight of the game such as chocolate factory and Charlie. The hypnotic candies and jellies in the game are the feast for the eyes in real. Commonly user will primarily get 10 lives whereas the user will get extra (one) life after every 30 minutes of play.

Playing the game online is a really fun and for those who are enthusiasts explorers should definitely play candy crush game online.

Candy crush saga mod APK vs candy crush saga APK:

All candy crush players are aware of candy crush saga download apk, basically, candy crush apk app is used to upgrade the game, therefore, it is commonly used for mobile phones or Android devices.


APK is termed as android package kit or Android application package, it is the file format which enables Android devices or phones to install and distribute apps. It is the app contains all the factors or features required to install the game or other correctly on Android devices or phones. The app is also available on google play store. Users usually download the app and move apk file to SD card of Android and finally use a file manager to install it.

However, users also download candy crush saga game app and then run it by using android emulators like Bluestacks, koplayer, and big box app player. Most commonly when we visit the Google play store to download an app, the play store automatically installs apk. On the other hand, the user can extract apk from the store although these are available to install from other alternative app stores as well.

There are various benefits and disadvantages to using the app, basically, there is a great amount of risk exist to using apk files. Most commonly android devices let the user install either app from any other play store, Google play store or through using apk file to sideload them. These apps are not authorized by Google Play and there are major changes that the user will get the harmful file on android device or phone.

It is a fact that apk’s are the crucial format phones use to install and distribute apps, but the user needs to be very much cautious or careful where to download them from.

Likewise, you should Download candy crush saga for android from a dependable website to avoid any harm to your phone.

Mod APK:

Mod is defined as ‘modified’, while mod apk defined the term modified apk. The mod apk is the cracked app, although it has not a genuine signature from real developers of the app. The app, candy crush saga mod apk offers various extra features such as several unlock features, unlimited funds for the game as well as various stuff without a single penny. Mod apk is the app with the format of Android apps as well as games.

In the game candy crush saga, there are various difficult stages or levels which makes players unable to complete levels in a given time frame. Also, players need several lives to be in a game but the candy crush game offers limited lives to players. The mod apk app helps you make the biggest combos to clear hundreds of levels as well as offering unlimited lives and thus players can clear levels by creating great matches to get a top score or maximum points.

Now unlock all the stages or levels of candy crush saga and get unlimited moves with mod apk. Now users can enjoy candy crush saga mod along with all stages unlocked. Most of us enjoy the games by using cheats or God mode, it is pretty common with the game candy crush – a lot of us known candy crush saga cheats well. However there are various apps available termed as candy crush saga hack, and they offer unlimited moves and lives without any other features. But mod apk is offering much more than just unlimited coins; unlock all levels, lives etc. which includes:

  • You will have unlimited moves available to play the game without worries.
  • The user will get unlimited lives to continue the game without a problem.
  • The user will get a time counter setting to 5 minutes for all levels.
  • The user gets all episodes unlocked to enjoy the game…
  • All levels unlocked for a player to continue enjoying the game without waiting for the stages to be unlocked.
  • Players will get dreamworld unlocked.
  • Not just this but owl never dies.
  • The user will get an unlimited supply of lollipop and unlimited free switches.
  • Players will have at least one time per level or all the time brush booster.
  • No matter what a player has to win in any case.
  • Players can add their name on the leaderboard.
  • There is no need for cheat codes or cheat engine.
  • Players can anytime connect to the facebook account.

How to install candy crush saga mod apk?

  • First, go to settings and then security on your phone or Android device and go to unknown sources in which those apps are allowed to install which are not from the Google play store.
  • Check setting leads to apps and simply uninstalled candy crush saga apk version if it is there.
  • Install apk file by using the given link on the site.
  • Move the apk file to SD Card or internal storage of smartphones.
  • Simply disconnect your device or phone from pc.
  • Run your device’s or smartphone’s file manager.
  • Now open candy crush apk file and start installing it.
  • Now you are all done to start playing the game.

How can you connect candy crush mod apk to your facebook account?

Users can easily connect candy crush saga mod apk to their Facebook account by following simple steps, as sometimes users face error but try these given steps to get success:

  • Initially remove facebook app along with messenger, go to setting and then app for this action.
  • After you are done with the above step – give it a try to connect candy crush game download for mobile along with your Facebook’s account.
  • Open candy crush on your device and simply tap on connect to Facebook.
  • Simply enter login details required, and after this, you can re-install Facebook and messenger app on your device.
  • Now you can play candy crush saga mod without any difficulty.

Candy crush game for PC:

There are countless players available in million or billion who played candy crush saga on pc and on their windows phone. Comparatively playing the game on phone is little tricky as compared to enjoy the game on the mobile device, it is very common with all of us when we are on the highest score the phone battery dies or running low. At that time with a heavy heart, we have to connect the phone to the battery charger and stop playing the game. But this is not the situation with pc you can enjoy hours of gaming on your pc.

You can easily find best site offer candy crush game download for PC, before start downloading it is very important to ensure that your system meets all minimum requirements. If your PC has the latest video drivers then you can experience incredible sound quality, excellent animation, supreme quality graphics, and cutting-edge gaming experience. There are different candy crush saga versions which altogether compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP as well as Mac.

Interesting and shocking facts of Candy Crush Saga Mod APK:

  • Top-ranked facebook app:

Candy crush saga has ranked top amongst the overall game faculty available on Facebook. This game is the most played game on Facebook since its release and around 6.7 million active users relate to candy crush. Another shocking fact is among this figure 69% of all are women.

  • Generate revenue of $633,000 per day:

The super addicting game or app makes a lot of money every day. According to a global survey, this app roughly makes $633,000 every day that resulted in more than $1 million in a couple of days as well as over 230 million dollars per year.

  • Most lovable by citizens of Hongkong:

A survey conducted and according to that Candy Crush mod apk is the most played game in Hong Kong. Every seventh citizen of the city plays the same game on a daily basis.

  • Featuring in a music video:

Being the super popular game among all candy crush’s popularity has made it an appearance in a music video by Psy. Yes, it is first time any popular game featuring in a music video.

  • Over 436,000 photos tagged on Instagram:

The game is highly popular not just on facebook as well as it is famous on Instagram as so many or thousands of pictures were uploaded on Instagram feature hashtags with candy crush.

  • People spend cash to get lives:

Yes, it is not a joke, people actually spending real cash to get moves, boosts, and lives in candy crush saga game. There is a true story of a 14-year-old boy who spent dollars 4,300 to receive extra boosts and moves on candy crush saga game. This is not an end, people all around the world are highly addicted to this app as they make changes to their time and date setting on phones to get lives before the set time in order to complete the stage or level on this super addicting game.

  • 132.9 million active monthly users on Facebook:

Candy crush saga is not just an ordinary game it has been a trend since its development. The addiction phenomena are true with candy crush and you can believe when you get to know that this game has over 132.9 million monthly users on Facebook who played candy crush on a daily basis. This figure is more than 10 percent of Facebook’s 1.15 billion active users per month just.

  • UK Rehabilitation Centre for candy crush game addicts:

Yes, you read it the right UK has taken a wise step to open up rehab Centre for candy crush game addicts. Candy crush addiction is very bad so that the UK authorities have opened a Rehabilitation Centre for the poor addicts. The rehab house receives as many as 100 inquires a month with the cost of 5,000 dollars.

  • 10 million downloads:

In the year 2012 the candy crush saga was installed with 10 million mobiles, this figure is rarest for any of facebook game app.

  • Candy crush reached to Antarctica:

The Candy Crush Saga has even reached Antarctica, this is the most abandoned place and according to reports there are three users play this game in Antarctica.

Super exciting candy crush related facts:

  • 293 million active users are there all around the world in just a month (latest figures).
  • The number of candy crush levels are more or less 3000.
  • The total number of candy crush saga round played is 11 trillion.
  • The most popular weekday to play candy crush is Sunday.
  • The average number of candy crush rounds played in a month is 18 billion.
  • There is 307.1 trillion number of candies which have been taken on candy crush.
  • There are 1.4 trillion color bombs have used in candy crush saga.
  • The candy crush social media fan base is around 80 million.
  • The estimated net monthly total sales of candy crush are around $63 million.
  • The estimated net monthly total Android sales of candy crush are around $22 million.
  • The estimated net monthly total iOS sales of candy crush are around $41 million.

There are two most popular candy crush versions which are loved by every child or teen, known as:

  • Candy crush soda saga:

A Sodalicious adventure and pure fun have the new name candy crush soda saga. This game is the mouth-watering puzzle which is made to quench the thirst for ultimate fun. On this fizzy adventure, the player can join Kimmy to help her search for her sister Tiffi. This brand new game has the newest candies, new challenges, and new moves to test player’s puzzling skills.

Players will love to join the juicy journey of Kimmy by matching and switching their way with latest dimensions of this magical yet Sodalicious gameplay. Take a ride on most fun-full gameplay with candy crush soda saga, you can even play alone or play in a group with friends to get the ultimate victory by getting highest scores.

  • Candy crush jelly saga:

However, candy crush jelly saga is incredibly tricky and designed to spread the player’s fun thirst and mind tricks. In this beautifully jiggling game wiggling jelly queen challenge players to achieve highest scores by any of their favorite moves.

No matter what, players will be Jellylicious enjoy every moment defeating the mighty candy crush jelly saga queen in the game. You can enjoy all the sweet candy gameplay along with great newest features and new candies. It will be non-ended fun to catch those naughty Pufflers and try new tricks to beat jelly queen.

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Candy Crush Saga (MOD, Unlocked) - an excellent game of the genre three unlikely, in which you will collect three or more sweets in a row that they have disappeared from your playing field. The game will appeal not only to all fans and lovers of sweets but to think well of adventures difficult level. At the beginning of the game you may seem pretty simple and boring, but the pass few levels and you'll realize that this is not so. Enjoy beautiful graphics and high-quality picture in Candy Crush Saga mod apk!