Blood Moon Token Quest Id

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  1. Tharsten Heart-Fang is a Nord barbarian located in the Greathall of the Skaal Village.He is the leader of the Skaal tribe and your quest giver for a part of the Main Quest. Later you meet him in Mortrag Glacier as a werewolf as part of the Bloodmoon Prophec.
  2. Blood Moon; Mystcroft; Price: N/A. Reward from the following quests: Blood Moon Token; Blood Moon for Members; Blood Moon Token (Barnabus (NPC)) Blood Moon Token for Members (Barnabus (NPC)) Sellback: 0 AC Type: Item Description: Notes: Stacks up to 300. Used to merge items in the Vampire Lord Merge shop. Thanks to Blueeyes Seto.

Use CTRL+F to find the Quest ID you are looking for: 1 - First Quest 2 - Chieftain’s Head 3 - Chipped Tooth 4 - Hideous Tail 5 - Funny Bone 6 - Porkon’s Pride 7 - Zorbak’s Reward 8 - Secret Map 9 - Farm Cleanup 10 - Pet Food Delivery 11 - Twilly’s New Staff 12 - Rubber Ducky 13 - Rats off To ya! 14 - Specialty Pizza 15 - Defend the Gates. Collect the moon token and the left butterfly wing. Click the plants 4x’s; insert the moon token. Collect the paw key. Insert the paw key; click the padlock open. Speak to the woman; receive the jaguar medallion and use it on the bag. Click the bag and collect the colored tokens. Click the hidden objects area. ID Number Quest Name ID Number. 670 Blood Orb (Temporary Quest). 2210 Member Shurpu blaze tokens. 2211 Dem bones, dem icy bones.

Blood Moon Token Quest Id
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Tharsten Heart-Fang (tharsten heart-fang / tharsten heart-fang2)
LocationSkaal Village: The Greathall,
Solstheim, Mortrag Glacier: Inner Ring
Other Information
FollowerDuring Hircine's Hunt
Tharsten Heart-Fang

Tharsten Heart-Fang is a Nordbarbarian located in the Greathall of the Skaal Village. He is the leader of the Skaal tribe and your quest giver for a part of the Main Quest. Later you meet him in Mortrag Glacier as a werewolf as part of the Bloodmoon Prophecy. He is wearing a near-full set of Nordic mail armor, only excluding the helmet. He is also carrying a Nordic silver battleaxe. Additionally, the Tharsten you meet who has an ID of tharsten heart-fang2 has a glowing key. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows no spells.


  • Voice:
    • Greetings:
      • 'There is no more to say to you, stranger. The Skaal wish you no harm, but you are not welcome here.'
      • 'What do you want, stranger? Why are you among the Skaal?'
      • 'You've returned to our village, outlander. What is your business here?'
      • 'I was trying to explain to you, outlander, that you have much to atone for.'
      • 'You were told to perform the rituals needed to restore the power of the Skaal. What have you done?'
      • 'You have shown your loyalty to the Skaal.'
      • 'You were to investigate a crime. Have you done this?'
      • 'You are to prove your strength as a warrior of the Skaal.'
      • 'You have done well, showing your loyalty and wisdom [sic]'
      • 'You've returned from the lake! I trust you completed your task.'
      • 'This place! It is fit for a warrior like Heart-Fang!'
      • 'Let us fight through to the end.'
      • 'No time for talk. The Hunt has begun!'
    • Idle:
      • 'No guest of the Skaal shall want for hospitality.'
      • 'There is great power in this place.'
      • 'Heart-Fang shall survive the Hunt.'
      • 'Stranger and guest...'
  • Greetings:
    • 'The Skaal wish you no harm for now. But we do not know you, and we have no reason to want to know you. Leave here until you have reason to be among us.'Goodbye
    • 'What do you want, stranger? The Skaal wish you no harm, but you will mind your manners while you are within our walls. We will make no exceptions. Now, what is this I hear about an attack on the Imperial fort?'
    • 'The is no more to say to you, stranger. The Skaal wish you no harm, but state your business here quickly.'Goodbye
    • 'Yes, outlander? What is your business here?'
    • 'I was trying to explain to you, outlander, that you have much to atone for.'
    • 'You were told to perform the rituals needed to restore the power of the Skaal. What have you done?'
    • 'You have shown your loyalty to the Skaal. Now it is time to prove your wisdom.'
    • 'You were to investigate a crime. Have you done this?'
    • 'You've investigated the crime. Now it is time for you to make a decision. The verdict is yours to decide.'
    • 'You have done well, %PCName. Make sure Halfhand gets fed to the wolves, and then we will speak of other things.'Goodbye
    • 'Halfhand is not dead, yet the Caenlorn have been killed? What have you done, %PCName? You are lucky I do not strike you down where you stand. However, I am not a shaman, and I do not hold the Caenlorn in as high regard as they do. Halfhand will be exiled. And you will prove your strength as a warrior if you wish to remain among the Skaal.'
    • 'You have done well, %PCName. You have shown your loyalty and wisdom, but there is one thing further I will require of you. Now you must prove your strength as a warrior.'
    • 'You are to prove your strength as a warrior of the Skaal. If you have not gone yet to speak to Wind-Eye, do it now.'
    • 'You've returned from the lake! You continue to surprise me, %PCName. I have matters to attend to now. We will speak again soon. That I promise you.'Goodbye
    • 'You heard the man...GO! Help our people!'Goodbye
    • 'It's you, %PCName! How did you get to this place? We've little time, I fear. The frost giant Karstaag has gone ahead. Even now, I fear he may win this battle before me. Perhaps together we can fight through this place.'
    • 'Let us continue. Heart-Fang must find a way out of this place!'
  • attack on the Imperial fort:
    • 'Those soldiers...pfah! They cut their trees and dig their holes, and have little to show after a day's toil. They do not respect this land or its creatures, and for that, I find them offensive. But, though I have no love for them, the Skaal would never do such a thing. We prefer to let the Imperials kill themselves slowly. But these creatures that attacked...these were not wolves of this island. Now, have you finished your business here?'
    • 'I've told you all I will about the attack. The Imperials' business is their own.'
  • defiled these lands:
    • 'Through their carelessness, the Imperials have upset the natural order, the Oneness of the land. This is their nature. It must be balanced once again, and the All-Maker appeased. I wish for you to make things right, %PCName. You will be the one to restore the power of the Skaal.
    • 'They cut the trees without planting. They dig the earth without care. These Imperials hunt the land's creatures with no honor or forethought. Their ways are shortsighted and foolish, and they are doomed if they continue along this path.'
  • Engar Ice-Mane:
    • 'He has been accused of stealing furs from Rigmor Halfhand. Ice-Mane is a fine warrior, and has held a place of honor among the Skaal for many years.'
    • 'Ice-Mane has been proven innocent of the crimes of which he was accused. He is still an honored Skaal warrior.'
  • exile:
    • 'Halfhand would be forced to leave the Skaal Village, never to return. None of the Skaal will hunt him, but neither will they offer him aid, even in his most dire need. He will be dead to this tribe until the end time.The [sic]verdict is yours. Make your choice.'
    • 'That was your decision.'
  • fight through: 'Perhaps together we can find our way to the end. With you by my side, the Hunter will have met his match. Heart-Fang will bring glory to his people! What say you, %PCName?'
    • Let us go together.'Then let us go. I will reach the end of this Hunter's game!
    • Only one may survive the Hunt. Me.'If that is how you feel, so be it. This Hunt was made for Heart-Fang and Heart-Fang alone! For generations, I have led the Skaal, the Ring of Hircine on my finger, granting me eternal life. This Hunt is my birthright! This Hunt is Heart-Fang's destiny! Now you will face me in my true form, the form I was born to wear.'Goodbye
  • investigate a crime:
    • 'Engar Ice-Mane has been accused of theft. His accuser, Rigmor Halfhand, claims that Ice-Mane stole furs from his house. These furs were, indeed, found in Ice-Mane's residence. The Skaal do not take such things lightly. We have little, and each is given according to his need. This offense is punishable by exile or sacrifice to the wolves. Ice-Mane will surely choose the wolves. Now, speak with the Skaal. Find out what you can. Then, report your findings to me, so the guilty may be punished appropriately.'
    • 'You are to investigate the charges of theft brought against Engar Ice-Mane. Speak with me again when you have learned something of value.'
    • 'Come to me when you have more information, %PCName. This matter is a serious one, and we will not proceed until all of the facts have been discovered.'
    • 'You seem to have uncovered some important information. Go to Halfhand and present the information to him, and then bring the man to me. This matter will be resolved.'
    • 'So, Halfhand has invented this tale of theft? Over a woman? By the All-Maker, this will not go unpunished! By Skaal tradition, making a false accusation carries the same penalty as the crime that is claimed. In this case, either exile or death by sacrifice to the wolves. The verdict is yours to decide.'
    • 'Halfhand is dead? This is not our way, %PCName. I am displeased by your actions, though I suspected that Halfhand was a liar. Perhaps there was some wisdom in his death, after all. Now, though, you are to prove your strength as a warrior.'
    • 'You have made your decision. The matter is settled.'
  • Korst Wind-Eye:
    • 'The shaman. He should spend more time with steel and less in studies. Still, he can provide good advice.'
  • much to atone for:
    • 'The Imperials in their fort have brought nothing but harm to these lands. They cut the trees a d dig the earth. They have no comprehension of the Oneness of the land. It is the Oneness from which the Skaal derive our strength, and the Imperials have defiled these lands.'
    • 'The Imperials take no care with the land. It will be their ruin. Perhaps you can help them atone for this.'
  • Oneness: 'This is what gives the Skaal power! It is the balance of our lands, the trees and the waters, wolf and bear. The Imperials have no respect for this balance, and we pay the price.
  • prove your strength: 'I wish for you to travel to Lake Fjalding. I will mark it on your map. Seek out Korst Wind-Eye, who has traveled there already. He will give you further instructions. Look for him on the northern shore of the lake.'
  • prove your wisdom:
    • 'Though I believe your heart may be one with the Skaal, your mind must be as well. To that end, I would have you investigate a crime. It involves two of the Skaal, and your actions may decide their fates.'
    • 'To prove your wisdom, you are to investigate a crime.'
    • 'You will prove your wisdom to the Skaal.'
    • 'That matter is settled.'
  • restore the power of the Skaal:
    • 'It is right that you do this, as it is your people who have caused the damage. Speak with Korst Wind-Eye, in the Shaman's Hut. He will give you further instructions.'
    • 'Wind-Eye will tell you more.'
    • 'Wind-Eye has told you of the Ritual of the Gifts, has he not? Go to it.'
    • [Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer has been added to your inventory] 'You have completed the Ritual of the Gifts. I am impressed with your efforts, outlander. But there is more to be done. You have shown a certain loyalty to the Skaal, and it surprises me. Tradition dictates that you now hold this, the Mace of Aevar Stonesinger. This is a treasure of the Skaal that I do not relish giving to an outsider. Still, you have earned it. For now. Now it is time to prove your wisdom.'
    • 'The power is restored. The Oneness of the lands is in balance.'
  • Rigmor Halfhand:
    • 'Rigmor is not much of a warrior, but he is a smart man, and a valuable member of the Skaal community.'
    • 'Halfhand has shown his true nature. He will no longer trouble the Skaal.'
  • Risi Ice-Mane: 'A fine looking woman. Well-bred.'
  • sacrifice to the wolves:
    • 'The more honorable death, perhaps. The Caenlorn, the ceremonial wolves of the tribe, would be summoned by the shamen [sic], and Halfhand would be fed to them. In that way, his spirit will be purified and reborn, perhaps to a better life than this one that he has chosen to throw away. It is up to you. The verdict is yours to decide.'
  • Tharsten Heart-Fang: 'I am Heart-Fang.'
  • verdict is yours:
    • 'Halfhand must be exiled permanently from the Skaal, or he must be fed to the ceremonial wolves. Which do you choose?'
      • I choose exile.: [Helm of the Wolf's Heart has been added to your inventory] 'Then he shall be exiled. Halfhand may never again return to the Skaal village, and he shall be dead to the Skaal forever. It is a cruel choice you have made, %PCName, but perhaps it is wise. Here, accept this token. It is unlikely, but perhaps you, too, can be more like the wolves we revere.'
      • Feed him to the wolves: [Helm of the Wolf's Heart has been added to your inventory] 'To the wolves then! You have shown mercy, %PCName, allowing him to die with this honor. Perhaps you have some wisdom after all. Lead the prisoner outside that he may accept his sentence. The shamen [sic]will summon the Caenlorn to perform their function. But first, accept this token. It is unlikely, but perhaps you, too, can be more like the wolves we revere.'Goodbye
    • 'That matter has been settled.'
  • your business here:
    • 'You've nothing more to say? A smart traveler would have at least a token of friendship to present, but I see you were raised among heathens. There is little else to say to you.'
    • [Skull of a Skaal Warrior has been removed from your inventory] 'You say you've brought the bones of one of our ancestors? Stupid Imperials. They need to learn to leave things as they are. Still, it is good that you have returned this to the Skaal. Perhaps there is hope for you and your kind. You are welcome here for the moment, but there is much to atone for.'

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  • The Skaal Test of Wisdom: Investigate a possible theft of furs within the Skaal Village to determine the fate of the accused.
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  • Hircine's Hunt: You are now irrevocably involved in the Hunter's Game and it's a fight for survival.


  • When you meet him in Mortrag Glacier, Tharsten seems to have forgotten who he is, and he doesn't remember his Shaman Korst Wind-Eye either, when asked.
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