Aqw Unidentified 13

Aqw Unidentified 13

Unidentified 13: The Contract of Nulgath
Use:Turn-in for:
  • Oblivion Blade of Nulgath (Quest) (deleted)
  • Requirements
  • Diamond Exchange (from Crag & Bamboozle)
  • Dropped from the Mana Golem
  • Price:Cannot be bought.
    Sellback:100,000 Gold
  • Stacks up to x3.
  • This has a low drop rate.
  • What a RARE and valuable prize! You've got yourself 'The Contract of Nulgath'. This must be signed and given to Nulgath himself for your prize. This item can get you many things, use it wisely. You wonder what language the contract is written in. Limit x3.

    You need 3 Diamonds of Nulgath and Nulgath Rune 9, dropped from Dark Makai in /Tercessuinotlim. DO NOT FARM UNIDENTIFIED 13 FROM 'SUPPLIES TO SPIN THE WHEEL OF CHANCE', IT IS A 1% DROP - MUCH LOWER THAN OTHER METHODS. Drop Rates for Nation Farming Pet Quests.

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    1. Ada banyak cara dapetin Unidentified 13, tapi buat yang bener-bener free player gue cuma rekomendasiin quest dari Nulgath Larvae, dengan Nulgath Larvae kalian juga bisa farm bahan-bahan lain, ya walaupun rate-nya kecil dan bakal susah, semangat aja ya! Elemental Ink x150.
    2. In AQW, you quest to defeat the 13 Lords of Chaos, armed with a possible amount of nearly 50 classes, and weapons. The primary concept is defeating monsters in order to complete each zone's storyline.
    3. Nulgath Larvae in yulgar. Just come continuously join yulgar until you find one. Looks like a hooded thing with a blue flame that is short. If you can’t find one, go to gilead or elemental as people usually do the Nulgath (Larvae) quest, which requires you to farm in elemental and gilead.