Aqw Bank Glitch

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This time Dannyzation will share a tutorial about How to Easily Bug Bank AQWorlds Bug which can store many Non-ACs items in the bank with only 1 bank slot. This bank glitch is very suitable for Nulgathers whose quest requires a lot of items infinite bug bank slot glitch.

To access your bank, speak to Augold in /join battleontown or clicking on your bank pet if you have one. Augold will let you access the AC shop, A link to buy ACs, Buying Inventory, Bank and House spaces and your bank. Each space costs exactly 200 ACs. Here, you can sort out items by tabs and move items to and from the bank.

This can also save on the use of inventory slots that have been filled with other items. But before we needed 1 bank slot by buying it for 200 ACs, so if you can't afford it this method will never work. For the tutorial just below:

How to Bug Bank AQWorlds Update 2018

  1. Open a Bank, you can use a Pet Bank or with Shortcut F5. At Le Bot you can also /join bank.
  2. Before starting the glitch, make sure you have 1 bank slot. If you don't have one, please buy it at the price of 200 ACs.
  3. If you already have it, just go ahead.
  4. Enter Non-ACs items to the Bank.
  5. Then Select the item that is in the bank and inventory, the 'Swap' button will appear. Click the swap button.
  6. Quickly select the item in the bank. So after clicking the swap button, you have to click on the item in the bank quickly. This is the key to success in bank glitches or bank bugs.
  7. After doing the above method, if it is successful, a 'To Inventory' button will appear and then select the item that will be entered into the bank without an exchange of items from the bank.
  8. Select the item that is in inventory then click the swap button then the item will automatically disappear from the inventory.
  9. Well if it feels successful then please Re-login then check the bank slot if the slot is more than 1 (* Ex: 13/1 Bank Spaces) then congratulations you guys!.

The key to this bank bug is when you swap bank items with inventory items, so 1-2 seconds after the swap item we have to click on the item in the bank. For example, I used the DragonHeart (Bank) item with the Golden Ticket Item (Inventory), after clicking the swap button I clicked on an item in the bank, DragonHeart. then please just select the item that you will enter into the bank. So how it works like we swap items from a bank with a swap ratio of 1:2
That's How to Bug Bank AQWorlds New Update are, until now, still works, besides saving ACs for buying bank slots with this bug, aqw player is also easier in terms of storing items as a result of farming items that need large merge items. So use it wisely, maybe it can be added by 1 day to 30 slots so it doesn't seem like spam to be safe from banned char.



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Aqw Bank Glitch 2020

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