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Are you running the digital signal through the same DAC as the rest of your system? Does the M-audio card process that digital signal in any way? I suppose jitter could be a potential problem. Regarding alternatives: It depends on how much you are willing to spend. I'm not sure how you are running the digital, and through what processor(s). I would certainly not use the analog outputs of the M-Audio card and expect it to be the equivelant of a good DAC. You could try one of the USB dedicated DACs such as the Apogee that take the digital signal from your USB port and forget about the card altogether. I believe there are some very expensive DACs that have a Firewire option as well (Elgar). You may also want to go over to PC AudioAsylum to get more input than you could shake a stick at on this and other PC Audio related subjects. On my secondary system I've been running an AirportExpress through my Mac going digital (toslink) out to my DAC and it sounds great to my ears. I cannot hear any significant differences between the transport and the computer clicking back and forth that would make me want to give up the convenience of the hard-drive library (of course they are going through two different inputs on the DAC so not really a fair comparison). Regardless, the sound does not leave me wanting to improve upon it.

I picked up an Apogee Duet last Friday. I'm in the process of playing around with the various computer fed DAC options. I have a new Music Streamer II+, Centrance Dacport and an Apogee Duet.

Mini FireWire card – User’s Guide APOGEE ELECTRONICS Introduction The Mini FireWire card brings FireWire 400 conectivity to the Apogee MiniMe and MiniDAC digital audio interfaces. The Mini FireWire card is compatible with both Apple OS X and Windows XP computers. Page 11: New Features.


Apogee Mini Dac Firewire Connector

I really like the Centrance Dacport for headphone listening. I have tried it, as suggested by Centrance, with the volume all the way up feeding a preamp. I actually like the results.

I have the Music Streamer II+ breaking in at the moment.

  • APOGEE AD8000 24 bit with Digi 8 and DAC-8 Extras. Apogee DUET Firewire Audio Interface + original Cables. Apogee Mini Me - Usb card.
  • My bedside headphones amp & DAC.
  • The Apogee Mini‑DAC is small, and as it is capable of running on batteries it is an excellent choice for location work. Improving playback quality is the main reason to consider buying a stand-alone D‑A converter, but many such boxes can be used for other duties too, meaning that they offer better value for money than it might at first appear.
  • Apogee Mini Me - Sound Audio Card/Interface. Make offer - Apogee Duet FireWire Audio Interface for Mac. Apogee One Audio Interface and DAC for Mac.

Apogee Mini Dac Review

I was immediately impressed with the results I'm getting from the Apogee Duet. It really sounds great for both headphones and as a preamp/DAC option. You can also set it to 'fixed output' mode, which sets the volume at a fixed level of 0, for intended use of a standalone DAC. I know it is early in the break in for the Music Streamer, but so far I favor the Apogee over the Music Streamer and Centrance.

Apogee Mini Dac Firewire Driver

I believe all of the computer fed DACs reviewed in Stereophile are USB DACS. Is there an inherent advantage to the firewire interface vs. USB? I'm using a MAC Mini as a server. I understand that USB is 'universal' to both PCs and MAC, but I'm wondering whether the impressive performance of the Duet is solely related to Apogee's equipment, or partially related to the Firewire interface.

Apogee Mini Dac Used


Apogee Mini Me

Any help?