Algorithmix Noisefree

TL Mastering is situated on the Helshoogte Pass just outside Stellenbosch. The studio is tucked away in the Banhoek Valley on a beautiful farm, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Algorithmix Noisefree

Algorithmix Noise Free

Arrange a session to work with Tim while he is mastering your songs or album.

Algorithmix Noise Free Download

B&W N803
Velodyne DD10
Hypex 400HG
Cranesong Solaris
Forssell MADA-2 AD/DA
Dangerous BAX EQ
Summit DCL-200
Buzz Audio SOC 1.1
API 2500
J√ľnger Audio Accent 2
dbx Quantum
Z-Systems Router
Sennheiser HD 600 Headphones
Sennheiser HD 800S Headphones
TCA Audio HPA1 Head amp
Cables by van den Hul & Mogami
A few things I am not telling you about

Sequoia 13
Algorithmix EQ Red
MAAT EQ Orange
Algorithmix EQ Blue
Algorithmix LP Split Comp
Algortihmix K-Stereo
Sonnox Inflator
DMG Limitless
Stillwell Audio Event Horizon
PSP Audio Xenon
Waves L2
Fabfilter Pro-L2
iZotope Ozone
Algorithmix Scratchfree
Algorithmix Noisefree
Algorithmix Renovator
Room designed by Pat Foster


However, it was not as effective as Algorithmix NoiseFree nor as transparent as iZotope RX Denoiser. But I would still bet MR Noise would work for over 90% of the de-noising requirements in a mixing or tracking situation. MR Click was, in my opinion, the weak performer in the bunch. Using just presets, I found that it missed some crackles. File denoised with NoiseFree denoiser; medium attack and release: less noise, but note the 'fuzzy' onsets due to large block size leading to transient 'smearing'. 80: 3.3.7: File denoised with NoiseFree denoiser, short attack and long release: more denoising is still possible, but at the cost of transient smoothing.