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Directed byVedantam Raghavaiah
Produced byP. Adinarayana Rao
Anjali Devi(presents)
Written bySamudrala Sr(dialogues)
Screenplay byVedantam Raghavaiah
StarringAnjali Devi
Akkineni Nageswara Rao
Music byP. Adinarayana Rao
CinematographyKamal Ghosh
Edited byN. S. Prakasam
Release date
Running time
153 minutes

Anarkali (transl.Pomegranate blossom) is a 1955 Indian Telugu-language historical romance film, produced by P. Adinarayana Rao, written and directed by Vedantam Raghavaiah. It stars Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Anjali Devi in the lead roles and music also composed by P. Adinarayana Rao. It is based on the legendary romance between Mughal prince Salim (later known as Jahangir) and the eponymous court dancer.

Anarkali was released on 28 April 1955. The film was a commercial success, running for over 100 days in many theatres. It was dubbed in Tamil with the same title, which also achieved success.


Nadira, a Persian woman, migrates to Agra with her tribe. Bowled over by her mellifluous voice and beauty, Mughal prince Salim introduces himself to her as a soldier and the two fall in love and meet regularly at the pomegranate garden. Once, while strolling in his garden, Emperor Akbar, impressed by Nadira's singing, bestows on her the title 'Anarkali', meaning 'pomegranate blossom'. Thereafter, Salim has entrusted the responsibility as a chief commander for war at Kabul, distressed Anarkali also leaves to know the whereabouts of Salim. To her misfortune, she is caught by burglars and while they are auctioning her prince Salim purchases her. On that night, they are completely under flow of romance when Man Singh I caveats the prince regarding his vocation. Immediately, Salim onslaught into the battlefield, grievously injured and goes into a coma. Right now, Man Singh I back-pedals him to Agra when Anarkali also follows. During that plight, her singing brings back to consciousness to Salim when hearten Akbar makes her the court dancer. Spotting her at the court Man Singh I warns to discard but she refuses. Meanwhile, Anarkali acclaims paramount in the court which upsets Gulnar, the former court dancer, who has secret ambitions to marry the prince.

On the occasion of Salim’s coronation celebration, an envied Gulnar conspires and mixes alcohol in Anarkali’s drink. Under its influence, Anarkali expresses her love for Salim which angers Akbar who orders her to be imprisoned. At that juncture, Salim expresses his love for her to his mother Jodha Bai and requests to couple up them. But Akbar rejects the proposal, so Salim rebels and amasses an army to confront his father to rescue Anarkali but Jodha Bai bar him. Right now, Akbar orders capital punishment for the lovers to decapitate Salim and Anarkali is taken to a distant place to entombed alive. At that point in time, everyone shows averse to mete out Salim, so, it is mandatory to the Emperor to do so but he collapses due to the affection of his son. Being cognizant of Anarkali entombment, Salim rushes to save her when Gulnar backstabs him, by the time he reaches there, Anarkali is already buried. Finally, grief-stricken, Salim bangs his head on her grave and dies.


  • Anjali Devi as Anarkali
  • Kannamba as Jodha Bai
  • Nageswara Rao as Saleem
  • S. V. Ranga Rao as Akbar
  • V. Nagaiah as Man Singh
  • S. Balasaraswathi as Gulnar
  • Shivaram as Azeez
  • Dr. Kamaraj as Abul Fasal
  • C. Hemalatha as Anarkali's mother
  • Gadiraju Kesavarao as Tansen



After Paradesi (1953), the inaugural production of Anjali Pictures was an average success at the box office, its producers – husband and wife P. Adinarayana Rao and Anjali Devi – considered making their sophomore production based on folklore.[1] The 1953 Hindi film Anarkali, which was based on the legendary romance between Mughal prince Salim (later known as Jahangir) and the eponymous court dancer, was a success and caught their attention, prompting them to adapt the same story in Telugu with the same title, while putting their folklore film plans on hold (this project would later be revived as Suvarna Sundari, released in 1957).[2]Vedantam Raghavaiah was chosen as director and screenwriter, Samudrala Raghavacharya as dialogue writer, Kamal Ghosh for cinematography, N. S. Prakasam for editing, and A. K. Sekhar as art director alongside Vali and Thota.[1]


Akkineni Nageswara Rao was cast as Salim, co-producer Anjali Devi as the title character, S. V. Ranga Rao as Emperor Akbar, P. Kannamba as Akbar's wife Jodha Bai, V. Nagaiah as Man Singh I and Surabhi Balasaraswathi as the dancer Gulnaar. Gadiraju Kesavarao, an associate director, also appeared briefly as the musician Tansen.[1]

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Anarkali was launched on 11 March 1954 at Neptune Studios. The outdoor scenes were shot at Mysore.[1]



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The soundtrack was composed by P. Adinarayana Rao, while the lyrics were written by Samudrala Raghavacharya.[3] Though the soundtrack consisted predominantly of original compositions, two were borrowed from the 1953 film. 'Ravoyi Sakhaa' was adapted from 'Aa Jaane Wafaa',[1] and 'Jeevitame Saphalamu' was adapted from 'Yeh Zindagi Usi Ki Hai'.[4]

Akbar Saleem Anarkali Movie Songs Download Bollywood

1.'O Anaarkali'Ghantasala3:10
2.'Jeevitame Saphalamu'Jikki6:06
3.'Kalise Nelaraaju'Ghantasala, Jikki4:28
4.'Nanu Kanugonuma'Jikki4:38
5.'Rajasekhara'Ghantasala, Jikki6:24
6.'Ninugaana Sambarana'Jikki4:15
7.'Prema Janga'Jikki3:31
8.'Anda Chandalugani'P. Susheela3:25
9.'Anandame Andalu'Jikki4:08
10.'Ravoyi Sakhaa'Jikki3:09
11.'Kulasala Sarasala'Jikki3:23
12.'O Sipaayi'A. M. Rajah, Jikki3:22
Tamil songs

Lyrics were by Thanjai N. Ramaiah Dass. All the tunes for all the songs and singers for both languages are the same.

Saleem Anarkali Drama

1'O Anaarkali Anaarkali Anaarkali'Ghantasala03:10
2'Jeevitame Sabalamo'Jikki03:10
3'Jeevitame Sabalamo'Jikki02:56
4'Kanindha Alliyodu Nilavin Oli Nee'Ghantasala, Jikki04:28
5'Naan Kannda Sugamaa Sugamaa Penn Pazhi'Jikki04:38
6'Rajasekhara En Mel Modi Seiyyalaagumaa'Ghantasala, Jikki06:24
7'Unaal Naanee Uyirai Marandhen'Jikki04:15
8'Kaadhalin Jodi'Jikki03:31
9'Andha Naal Thaanidhada'P. Susheela03:25
10'Aanandham…. Naanum Kuditthen Ena Ninaikkudhu'Jikki04:08
11'Sippaayi…. Anbe Nee Vaaraayo'Jikki03:09
12'Paarthanile Mudivu Kannden En Vidhi'Jikki03:28

Release and reception[edit]

Anarkali was released on 28 April 1955. The film was a commercial success, running for over 100 days in many theatres. Its namesake Tamil-dubbed version was also successful.[1][5]


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Retrieved from 'https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Anarkali_(1955_film)&oldid=983091303'
Akbar Salim Anarkali
Directed byN. T. Rama Rao
Produced byN. T. Rama Rao
Written byC. Narayana Reddy(dialogues)
Screenplay byN. T. Rama Rao
Story byN. T. Rama Rao
StarringN. T. Rama Rao
Nandamuri Balakrishna
Music byC. Ramchandra
Edited byG. D. Joshi
Release date
Running time
134 minutes

Akbar Salim Anarkali is a 1979 Telugu-language historical drama film produced & directed by N. T. Rama Rao under his Ramakrishna Cine Studios banner. It stars N. T. Rama Rao, Nandamuri Balakrishna, Deepa in the lead roles and music composed by C. Ramchandra. The film is based on the Bollywood epic Mughal E Azam.[2][3][4]


The film is a historical love story, based on Mughal E Azam, with the 16th century Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Akbar saleem anarkali movie songs download torrent

Akbar (N. T. Rama Rao), who does not have a male heir, undertakes a pilgrimage to a shrine to pray that his wife Jodha (Jamuna (actress) give birth to a son. Later, Tansen (Gummadi) the singer in his court, brings the emperor news of his son's birth. Overjoyed at his prayers being answered Akbar gives Tansen his ring and promises to grant him anything he desires. Here, Salim grows as a spoiled-brat, flippant and self-indulgent. So, Akbar sends him off to war, to teach him courage and discipline. After 14 years, Prince Salim (Nandamuri Balakrishna) returns as a distinguished soldier and falls in love with court-dancer Nadira, whom the emperor bestows on her the title Anarkali (Deepa), meaning 'pomegranate blossom'. Knowing it, Gulnar (Madhavi), another dancer of a higher rank, envies as she too aspires to possess the prince's love but fails. So, she uncovers their forbidden relationship to the Emperor. At present, Salim pleads his father for acceptance for their espousal, but he refuses and imprisons her.

Right now, Salim rebels and amasses an army to confront Akbar to rescue Anarkali. Defeated Salim is sentenced to death by his father but is told that the sentence will be revoked if Anarkali, now in hiding, is handed over to die in his place. Anarkali gives herself up to save the prince's life and is condemned to death by being entombed alive. Before her sentence is carried out, she begs to have a few hours with Salim as his make-believe wife. Her request is granted, as she has agreed to drug Salim so that he cannot interfere with her entombment. As Anarkali is being walled up, Akbar is reminded that he still owes Tansen favor, as it was he who brought him news of Salim's birth. He pleads for her Anarkali's life. The emperor has a change of opinion, but although he wants to release Anarkali he cannot, because of his duty to his country. He, therefore, arranges for her secret escape into exile with Tansen but demands that the pair are to live in obscurity and that Salim is never to know that Anarkali is still alive.



  • N. T. Rama Rao as Akbar
  • Jamuna as Jodha
  • Nandamuri Balakrishna as Salim
  • Deepa as Anarkali
  • Gummadi as Tansen
  • Madhavi as Gulnar


  • Art: A. K. Shekar
  • Choreography: Saleem
  • Dialogues - Lyrics: C. Narayana Reddy
  • Playback: SP Balu, Mohammad Rafi, P. Susheela, Vani Jayaram
  • Music: C. Ramchandra
  • Editing: G. D. Joshi
  • Cinematography: Kannappa
  • Executive Producer: Nandamuri Harikrishna
  • Story - Screenplay - Producer - Director: N. T. Rama Rao
  • Banner: Ramakrishna Cine Studios
  • Release Date: 9 May 1979


Akbar Salim Anarkali
Film score by
LabelSaregama Audio
ProducerC. Ramchandra

Music composed by C. Ramchandra. Lyrics was written by C. Narayana Reddy. Music released on Saregama Audio Company.[5]

1.'Sipaayee O Sipaayee'Mohammad Rafi, P. Susheela4:46
2.'Kalusukunnaa Gubulaaye'Mohammad Rafi, P. Susheela4:39
3.'Madhana Mohanude'P. Susheela5:10
4.'Premisthe Thappantaaraa'P. Susheela5:00
5.'Reyi Aagiponi'Mohammad Rafi, P. Susheela5:56
6.'Thaane Maeli Musugu'Mohammad Rafi, P. Susheela5:02
7.'Thaaralenthagaa'Mohammad Rafi4:41
8.'Vela Yerigina'P. Susheela, Vani Jayaram8:51
Total length:44:04

Songs From Anarkali


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