122 Bpm Jive Rhythm Trax

Ok, I recorded this entire album twice as I suffered a grand technical failure the first time around, and as such the evening is wasting away so I'm going to keep this short so I can make my rendesvous.
Many of you may be familiar with the popular dark electro classic '112 BPM' . It came from this album, More Jive Rhythm Trax, the follow up to the equally sought after (but not quite as deadly in my opinion) Jive Rhythm Trax. A series of albums produced by Jive records consisting of dark, dubby instrumental covers or 'versions' of popular electro and new wave tracks of the day. I have three albums in this series, one with a blue cover, this one with a red cover, and one with a yellow cover entitled something like Jive Scratch Trax. They were all intended to be used as DJ tools, and might be the first example of a mass produced record purely intended as a utility for DJ'ing. I find them all amazing.
If you can, try and spot the original inspirations for these instrumentals:
S.M.U.R.F. mp3
112 B.P.M. mp3
129 B.P.M. mp3
112 B.P.M. mp3
120 B.P.M. mp3
101 B.P.M. mp3
116 B.P.M. mp3
116 B.P.M. mp3

  1. Jive Rhythm Trax 122 Bpm Downloads
  2. Jive Rhythm Trax Bpm 122
  3. 122 Bpm - Jive Rhythm Trax
  4. 122 Bpm Jive Rhythm Trax

Jive Rhythm Trax 122 Bpm Downloads

122 Bpm Jive Rhythm TraxTraxJive rhythm trax 122 bpm downloads

Jive Rhythm Trax Bpm 122


122 Bpm - Jive Rhythm Trax

Jive rhythm trax 122 bpm downloads

122 Bpm Jive Rhythm Trax

Rhythm Trax - House Party Style: 122 BPM de Jive Rhythm Trax. Thriller de Michael Jackson. The Show de Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick: 4:39: 15. He's the D.J., I'm the Rapper: Groove to Get Down de T-Connection. Jungle Love du Steve Miller Band I Can't Stop de John Davis et le Monster Orchestrz Breakthrough d'Isaac Hayes: 4:56: 16. Hip Hop Dancer's. Willesden Dodgers - Jive Rhythm Trax Tracklisting: A1 - 130 BPM (4:02) A2 - 114 BPM (5:35) A3 - 122 BPM (4:14) A4 - 108 BPM (4:06) B1 - 102 BPM (4:22) B2 - 122 BPM (5:08) B3 - 152 BPM (4:57) B4 - 114 BPM (5:05) Released: Jive Records (US) VA 66001 Year: 1982 Player: Tracklisting: 1. Willesden Dodgers - 122 BPM. Jive Rhythm Trax (122 BPM) 4: Gunsmoke Breakout: 5: Gunsmoke Breakout (Mix 2) (1984) 6: Party (No Sheep Is Safe Tonight) 7: Not This President: 8: 122 BPM: 9: 112 B.P.M. Jive Rhythm Trax-122 BPM(playing throughout the mix) Ice T-Reckless sample Twilight 22-Electric Kingdom sample Nuance-Take A Chance sample Pretty Tony-Fix It In The Mix Run DMC sample Kraftwerk-Tour De France sample Hashim-Al Naafyish Newcleus-Computer Age Marvelettes-Mr.